Golf Course


2022 Season OPENS

May 1, 2022


Tucked away on the eastern flank of northern New Mexico’s beautiful Sangre de Cristo Mountains, is a picture-post card 18-hole golf course many have never heard of, much less realize is open to public play.

So throw the clubs in the back of the car and meander through the scenic valleys of Sapello or Mora dotted scenic views, and seas of wild iris, roses, blue asters or brilliant sunflowers, dependent on the month of the year.

Right when you think you’ll bump into the stately snow-capped mountain range, you’re there!


The greens are some of the best to be found on any high-altitude mountain course.

There are no sand traps, but the greens are tiny, and devilishly placed, with stately Ponderosa pines defending them.

The Par-72 course will challenge any player’s drive and accuracy.

Even Pendaries residents who live on the course and can step right out their back doors onto the fairways, claim they’ve never conquered the beguiling course!

Just learning to golf? We have games for you too!

2022 Pendaries Golf Course Tournament Schedule TBD

This schedule is subject to change before the 2022 season begins.